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Expo Labor Accommodation

Expo Labor Accommodation: Optimal Deals Tailored For You

Due to a large flow of enterprises to Dubai due to Expo 2020 and established firms expanding, there is a significant demand for Expo labor accommodation in Dubai these days. Labor Accommodation offers organizations a variety of high-quality Expo 2020-2021 staff accommodation solutions to take advantage of the opportunity. We have been supporting numerous businesses and people in their hunt for real estate property labor camps or labor accommodation in Dubai for sale and rent in Dubai for many years. Our vast experience in this field has encouraged us that we must be customer-focused and deliver individualized service to sellers, buyers, and developers. Companies seeking to rent Expo workers accommodation can contact us for a never-before-seen deal at low rates.


The purpose of this articles is to share light on some of the important guidelines regarding labor accommodation that companies working on EXPO 2020 projects are required to comply with.

Broadly speaking companies are required to follow all workers welfare guidelines as mandated by MOHRE and further enhance the living standards of workers as per EXPO 2020-2021 guidelines. It will not be wrong to say that EXPO 2020 guidelines are a step ahead of the prevailing rules not only in the local regulations but also in the international markets.

This article does not cover all the rules that deal with the labor camps/ labor accommodation but will be useful in understanding the few important aspects.

1The area allocated for each person should not be less than 4 square meters.The area allocated for each person should not be less than 3 square meters.
2The maximum number of residents allowed per bedroom is eight (8), while observing the specified space area.The maximum number of residents allowed per bedroom is ten (10), while observing the specified space area.
3All mattresses, pillows, duvets/blankets are replaced, free of charge, every two years.Not specifically mandated.
4Different choices of food will be served to take into consideration cultural and religious background, dietary requirements and the need for a balanced and healthy diet.Not specifically mandated.
5Kitchen staff will be provided free of charge laundry service and provided at least two sets of work clothes.Not specifically mandated.
6Sports and recreation facilities such as basketball courts, football and cricket pitches, and gyms will be provided for residents to use in their free time. Such facilities can either be within the accommodation facility or free access will be available to nearby facilities.
7TV schedules should tailor to the languages of the residents.
8Free of charge laundry services are provided to residents and accommodation staff for work uniforms/overalls (twice per week), bed linen (once per week) and towels (once per week).
9Where laundry services for personal items are not offered, they provide the accommodation unit with communal laundry facilities.
10Employers will ensure twice daily cleaning of all cooking stations, food preparation surfaces, sinks and floors.
11Employer will provide deep cleaning services for the self-cooking facilities every three months.
12Hand wash include soap and hygienic means to dry hands.

My name is Qasim Asghar and I help businesses with company setup, recruiting manpower, accommodating workforce and catering. If you have any questions or comments please contact me.

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