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MOHRE Labor Camp Dubai: Register Now!

Posted by Muhammad Shahid on April 4, 2024
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Dubai’s flouring economy is geared up due its committed workforce, but housing them could be a challenging task in this demanding city. To combat this challenge, labor camps Dubai come into play. Labor Accommodations play a significant role ensuring they adhere and comply with the government rules and regulations set by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisaton, MOHRE to ensure a healthy environment and the overall well-being of the workforce of living Dubai. This blog post will plunge into a world of registering a labor camp with the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) in Dubai and unveils few valuable consultation help that you may need to make your MOHRE registration process easy and stress-free.

What is MOHRE Labor Camp Registration?

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation is the government-based entity in Dubai that is responsible for managing and supervising labor relations all across UAE. For all those companies who have labor camp properties in Dubai, getting registered with MOHRE is a mandatory requirement. Here is all what you must know in Dubai:

  1. Benefits of MOHRE Registration: A well registered labor camp ensures a safe, secure and a healthy living environment within a camp while ensuring the availability of adequate living facilities for its residents to live a comfortable life. MOHRE registration further reduces legal risks for your company.
  2. Compliance is A Must: MOHRE registration means you are adhering to and complying well with the rules and regulations set by MOHRE Dubai regarding the well-being of the workers living in labor camps Dubai. This includes every law and regulation related to worker’s accommodation and their required living standards related to security, hygiene and safety.

The Simple MOHRE Registration Process: Few Key Steps to Follow

If you are planning to register your labor camp with MOHRE, it will involve few steps to be followed carefully. Here is the simple breakdown of required steps:

  • Gather Important Documents: Few important documents are involved which you need to gather before you go for signing up with MOHRE. These documents include, an application form, lease agreement for the camp location, company trade license, its floor lay-out plans and health and safety certificates.
  • Create an Account with MOHRE: You need to visit MOHRE website and create an account online for your company.
  • Submit Application: Once you have made an online account on MOHRE eServices portal, fulfill the form with required documents and submit online.
  • Site Inspection: Once you submit, MOHRE’s officials will plan a site visit for the inspection of your labor camp and will verify the compliance with their rules and regulations.
  • Approvals and Registration: Once your camp verification and inspection is done successfully, MOHRE will register your labor camp and would issue you a MOHRE registration certificate.

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Simplifying the Complexities-The Role of MOHRE Consultation Services

The process of MOHRE registration could be a bit complicated, and experiencing it alone could be a little daunting. This is where First Step Properties step in. So offer their professional MOHRE Registration consultation services and all that you need to get yourself registered with MOHRE. They are a trusted name operating in Dubai with having over a-decade-long services in the same field. Here is what they offer:

  • A Decade-Long Expertise: First Step Properties offers a great professional help for getting you registered with MOHRE. They will help you in guiding UAE’s prevalent rules, regulations and labor laws regarding MOHRE labor camps and provide you a valuable guidance to make sure that your application is compliant as well as complete.
  • Assistance in Documentation: They can help assisting you with gathering and preparing all the required documents, saving your efforts and valuable time.
  • Linked-Up with MOHRE: These professional consultants are in direct contact with MOHRE officials on your company’s behalf ensuring a perfect communication and reducing unnecessary delays.
  • Pre-Inspection Help: These consultation services also provide you a site’s pre-inspection preparation of your labor camp identifying major potential compliance issues and enabling you address them timely before the MOHRE officials’ visit.
  • Post-Registration Help: These expert consultants provide you an on-going support related to labor camp rules and regulations to ensure your camp comply well and maintains these rules and regulations for the overall well-being of laborers and workers living within the labor camp.

Key Factors to Consider While Seeking a Professional Consultation Service

With various consultants available in the market, selecting the right one is critical. Here are few key factors to consider:

  1. Experience: You must go for a company with a proven track record of having extensive experience in the field of MOHRE regulations for labor camp registrations.
  2. Services They Offer: Make sure their services align well with your particular needs. Do you need professional help on just few aspects of a labor camp or need help with the entire registration process? Analyze your needs on a priority basis.
  3. Fee and Clearness: You must take a clear and up-front information about the consultation fee they are charging and any additional costs involved beforehand.
  4. Client Reviews: Read online client reviews or you may ask them for providing you testimonials to check their market reputation and service quality they offer.

Going Beyond Registration: Ongoing Compliance and Maintenance

MOHRE registration is the first step, here are few more additional aspects to consider for keeping an ongoing compliance and maintenance of MOHRE regulations at your camp:

  • Regular Inspections: Be well-prepared for potential inspections and follow-ups conducted by MOHRE officials.
  • Maintaining Key Standards: Keeping up and maintaining the established standards for workers’ accommodation, safety and hygiene within the camp.
  • Culture with Open Communication: Try to maintain a culture of open communication within your camp where you address your workers’ concerns promptly if they might have regarding the facilities you are offering and MOHRE regulations you are complying within your labor camp.


MOHRE is a government based entity in Dubai that stands for Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation. It is responsible to manage and supervise companies for labor relations all across UAE. For all those companies who have labor camp properties in Dubai, getting registered with MOHRE is a mandatory requirement.  MOHRE registration ensures that you are running a legally operated labor camp providing safe and hygienic environment for your workforce. In order to make your labor camp registered with MOHRE, few key considerations are a must including, collecting necessary documents, creating an account on their eServices portal, submitting application, getting ready for site inspections, getting approval and having a  registration certificate.

The entire process can be a little challenging but seeking a professional help can further ease down your registration process. By considering few points, you can select right consultation service for you. This may include, checking on their filed expertise, level of assistance they provide, their client reviews, their market reputation, their pre and post registration help and of course their on-going support to ensure your camp’s compliance to MOHRE regulations within your camp.

In a nutshell, consultation services can streamline your MOHRE registration process and will save your time and ensure compliance. Always remember that a well-managed and a compliant labor camp develops a positive and a healthy environment which greatly contributes to a happy and a productive workforce. So Never hesitate to invest in seeking the expert help of MOHRE Labor Camp Dubai consultation services. Prioritize your worker’s well-being and then witness your labor camp business growth in Dubai’s vibrant economy.

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