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Best Female Accommodation in UAE: A Quick View

Posted by Ruman on June 10, 2024
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UAE is a land rich in vibrant cultures, high-rise buildings and luxurious life styles. It is a place attracting people especially huge number of female working professionals. However, among the hustle and bustle of the city, finding a safe and secure accommodation remains a top priority for women.

Take no stress, my bold and daring females! This blog post will dive deep into the diverse options of female accommodations available within the boundaries of UAE. These ladies accommodations cater to diverse needs, budgets, preferences and lifestyles.

Learning the Landscape of Best Female Accommodation in UAE

There are wide ranging living options available for women in UAE. Let us dive into most common options ideal for working ladies. Primarily there are three main categories:

  1. Women-Only Shared Apartments and Hostels
  2. Boutique Hotels and Serviced Apartments
  3. Ladies Shared Accommodations

1.Women-Only Shared Apartments and Hostels

Female-only shared apartments and hostels are cheap ladies accommodation option for savvy travelers. Ladies seeking a social and interactive living atmosphere, women hostels and shared apartments offer a great living space. These options provide dorms with bunk-beds and private rooms with excellent shared living set up.


  • Social Culture: You can make new friends, share travel experiences with your room-mates due to its social and interactive culture.
  • Safe Living: Most of the female hostels have strict security measures like females can enjoy female-only floors and keycard access.
  • Affordable: Best for working ladies with tight budget.


  • Shared Facilities: Ladies have to share bathrooms, kitchens, and living spaces.
  • Compromised Privacy: Ladies dorms offer minimum privacy for women.
  • Noise Issues: The atmosphere of hostels can go live, so it may be challenging for light sleepers and introvert (quiet) females.

Well-Known Women-Only Shared Apartments in Dubai

  • Female Shared Labor Accommodation by First Step Properties: is one of kind ladies apartments in Jebel Ali Dubai and Ladies camps DIP (Dubai Investment Park) which offer wide range of modern facilities for a comfortable living. Starting from basic shared rooms to premium studio apartments, you can choose any option that suits well with your needs and preferences. These shared living facilities offer highly safe, secure and vibrant community culture.  To explore their latest rental offerings and hot deals, visit their website: .
  • We are Social The Palm, Dubai: You can enjoy an upgraded living experience in this hostel which offers female-only dorms as well as private single rooms with attractive views and exciting social events.
  • AnaRuby Backpackers Dubai: This hostel is known for its convenient location and helping staff.
  • Mist Hostel Abu Dhabi: This is budget-friendly hostel which aims to provide a clean and safe living environment for ladies.

2.Boutique Hotels and Serviced Apartments

Ladies who are looking for a more luxurious and independent stay, these options offer the fully furnished female accommodation in UAE with modern facilities like laundry services, housekeeping and sometimes on-site cafes and restaurants.


Luxury Living: Boutique and serviced apartments offer highly stylish interiors and extremely customized services.

  • Convenient: Laundry services and housekeeping services take care of your daily tasks and frees up your valuable time for more fun and exploration.
  • More Privacy: You can enjoy your own personal space.


  • Expensive: Such kind of ladies staff accommodation in Dubai have higher rental rate due the expensive living as compared to hostels and shared apartments.
  • Limited Social Life: These high-end luxury accommodation limits your social life fun and may not offer you the social atmosphere as hostels.

Well-Known Options

  • The H Hotel, Dubai: This is a modern-style serviced apartment particularly designed for female working professionals for long-term stay.
  • Rosewood Abu Dhabi: This is a luxury style hotel which offers stunning city views with a designated ladies’ floor with state-of-the-art security features.

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3.Ladies Shared Accommodations

This type of female accommodation is specially created for women who are looking for an affordable living option in shared apartments. These accommodations are managed by companies or individuals and provide single and double rooms with a female-styled environment.


  • Affordable: These accommodations are more affordable as compared to serviced apartments. These accommodations provide few shared facilities.
  • Convenient: Such type of accommodations are generally located in the areas which are convenient and accessible for working female professionals as they offer an easy access to the public transport hubs.
  • Community-Based: These ladies shared accommodations foster a deep sense of community and support from other women who are living away from home.


  • Varied Living Standards: The quality of facilities and comforts may vary depending on the apartment provider.
  • Limited Private Space: Such type of ladies accommodations offer shared facilitates like kitchens and bathrooms with other residents that may limit your privacy.

Key Considerations While Selecting Ladies Staff Accommodation in Dubai

  • Budget: Define your monthly budget and focus on the facilities you want.
  • Location: Select a location that is located close to your workplace.
  • Your Lifestyle: Consider whether you want a social hostel atmosphere or seeking a private serviced apartment?
  • Facilities: List down the facilities you need for a comfortable life like kitchen, laundry, parking and on-site gym.
  • Safety and Security: Prioritize your safety and security. Check for the security measures like access control points, CCTV cameras and presence of security guards to ensure your safety.

Building Your Support System: Additional Tips

  • Be a Part of Women Networks: Join professional or social women networks to build your connections and develop support system.
  • Get Familiar with Laws & Customs: Read UAE laws and get familiar with customs related to women to streamline the transition.


UAE offers best female accommodation in UAE. These accommodations are female-friendly and offers a wide range of options from cheap ladies accommodation of hostels and labor camps to serviced apartments and boutique hotels. Whether you are seeking a socially interactive or private atmosphere, there is a perfect fit for every concern. This detailed guide has explored ladies-only hostels, serviced apartments and ladies shared accommodations while considering their pros and cons. Always focus on your safety and consider and never forget to develop your network through online forums and joining women social groups while finding a best female accommodation in UEA.

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