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Ladies Staff Accommodation in Dubai: Stylish & Safe

Posted by Ruman on June 5, 2024
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Dubai is a magnet for working enthusiasts, seeking career opportunities from around the globe. But for many working women, arriving in Dubai for a work opportunity, finding a safe, comfortable and secure staff accommodation can be a tough task, especially when you are totally unaware of the rental-housing landscape of Dubai.

Worry not, bold ladies! This comprehensive blog post will guide you with all the needed and information you seek to explore the world of ladies staff accommodation in Dubai.

Landscape of Ladies Staff Accommodation in Dubai

Dubai offers a wide spectrum of ladies staff accommodation for women catering to their diversified needs, preferences and budgets. You can find cheap ladies accommodation to high-end housing with costly rental prices in Dubai. Here are the most common types available:

  • Ladies Camp in UAE for Rent: These ladies labour camp in Dubai are large, dedicated facilities which accommodate a huge number of women workers. These ladies camp offer shared rooms with basic living facilities like bunk beds for 6-8 occupants, shared bathrooms, kitchens, laundry facility and common areas for their social needs.
  • Ladies Shared Apartments: This option comes up with spacious apartments shared with other female colleagues or roommates. This housing option allows for a more enhanced social living environment that minimizes costs as compared to single and private rooms.
  • Ladies Staff Accommodations: There are multiple options available for ladies staff accommodation in Dubai for rent which offer private studios, shared apartments and dedicated ladies buildings. You can explore them and can secure most suitable space. These living options offer on-site security, social spaces and shared kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Dedicated Ladies Buildings in Dubai: Female who want to live and enjoy their personalized and private lifestyle, there are designated buildings especially for women professionals only. These ladies accommodations in Dubai offer private studios and shared apartments with all living facilities like security, recreational facilities, housekeeping and much more.

Things to Remember while Selecting Ladies Accommodation in Dubai

Selection of right type of accommodation in Dubai needs a careful planning and proper homework. Here are the key points to consider:

  • Location: Consider the location of your workplace and transportation options available near you. Does your company offer you accompany-provided transport or you will have to manage it by using public transportation? Is there any transportation network available near your selected accommodation? Check for all these key points before you choose your second home.
  • Budget: The rents of various housing options can vary depending on their location, type of accommodation you choose and facilities you enjoy. Make sure you define a realistic budget and be well-prepared for some additional costs like internet connections and utility bills.
  • Security: Security is the top concern for all women. So girls, look for an accommodation which provides around-the-clock security. It should have well-lit common spaces and must have a secure building with proper CCTV cameras installed. Ensure, it must have a functional fire and safety system.
  • Facilities: You must consider an accommodation which can enhance your living atmosphere like laundry facility, gym, air-conditioning facility, a functional and spacious kitchen, a swimming pool or a common and a comfortable lounge for sitting.
  • Your Preferred Living Style: Do you want a quiet and private space or prefer a social setup? Check for the number of occupants per room and the overall atmosphere of the ladies accommodation unit. Few ladies-only buildings have restrictions on pets and guests, so make sure the environment syncs well with your personal living style.

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How to Find a Perfect Ladies Accommodation in Dubai?

Now you have grabbed basic know-how about different ladies accommodation options available in Dubai, it is high time to find your own ideal ladies staff accommodation. Here are few some truly valuable resources to kick-start your home-hunt:

  • Scan Online Classifieds: There are multiple online platforms which offer a wide range of ladies staff accommodation listings available in Dubai. You can filter your search by budget, location and type of accommodation you need.
  • Contact Real Estate Agents: There are number of real estate agents specializing in providing ladies staff accommodation in Dubai. They can help you find accommodation with the help of most exclusive rental listings.
  • Seek Recommendation: Many firms help their female employees in finding a suitable accommodation. You can with your HR department for seeking recommendations or can contact potential housing providing company.
  • Contact a Reliable Accommodation Provider Company: There are multiple reliable and experienced companies which provide comprehensive services for providing ladies accommodation all across Dubai. Look no further, Labor Accommodation provides a wide spectrum of accommodation options for ladies while keeping their living preferences as a key concern. Contact First Step Properties as your ultimate guide for offering you a safe, secure, comfortable and budget-friendly ladies accommodation for all that you need to excel in the challenging business landscape of Dubai. Explore their complete range of their rental offerings at:

Hey Ladies, It’s Time to Connect and Enjoy!

Once you have got your ideal accommodation in Dubai, it is time to get the best out of it. Here are some tips on how you can make your stay comfortable in Dubai:

  • Grow Your Friends Circle: If you are sharing an apartment, get to know your roommates and befriend with them. Make some ground rules to get along well with them.
  • Linking with Accommodation Management: Linking with the building management team can help you tackle issues in times of emergency. Never feel shy to report any maintenance issue or your security concerns.
  • Explore Your Surroundings: Dubai has a vibrant and attractive social scene. Explore it on weekends and make your life full of new experiences.
  • Being Connected With Family: Living in Dubai is being isolated from your loved ones. Never forget to connect with your families. Voice call them and use social media to stay connected.


Securing a comfortable Ladies Staff accommodation in Dubai for rent is the key step towards an enjoyable experience in this dynamic city. By understanding available options, knowing your needs and your budget, you can find a home that allows you to excel both personally and professionally.  Explore and make Dubai your ladies camp a second home away from home.

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