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Staff Accommodation Dubai: Attract Top Talent!

Posted by Ruman on May 20, 2024
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Dubai is a magnet for business and professionals alike from around the globe. The flourishing economy and the world-class infrastructure of this city has attracted a huge number of workforce from all across the globe. Therefore, it is crucial to attract and retain a big segment of migrant workers while providing them a safe, comfortable and convenient staff accommodation in Dubai.

This blog post acts as a one-stop-guide helping you navigate staff accommodation options available in Dubai. We will also explore different types of housing, its key features to consider and valuable sources to help you find a perfect solution for your teams.

Common Types of Staff Accommodation in UAE

The landscape of staff accommodation Dubai provides a wide spectrum of options suitable for varied budgets and needs. Here is the typical breakdown of accommodation types.

  • Labor Camps: Labour camps in UAE are self-managed communities with shared rooms, common spaces offering facilities including, foods catering service, canteen and laundry facility. They offer the most cost-effective solution for large workforces operating in industrial areas of UAE.
  • Company-Provided Accommodation: Few companies select the option to lease well-furnished big villas or apartments to accommodate their employees. This option provides a great level of control over the living environments. This can be a valuable service addition to attracting and retaining great talent.
  • Shared Apartments: This involves renting a spacious living apartment and dividing the space into several bedrooms for the individual occupancies. This option offers a more private living option as compared to labour camp for rent options. Shared apartment option is commonly utilized by small working groups or teams with limited professionals.
  • Hotel Apartments: There are hotels with studio apartments within designated rented residences. This can be a temporary solution for short-term projects. These options come up with fully furnished rooms including amenities like laundry services and housekeeping.

Selecting the Right Labour Accommodation in Abu Dhabi

With so many options, finalizing the most appropriate staff accommodation should be done while carefully considering multiple factors:

  1. Budget: Labor camps in UAE are basically the most cost-friendly option for the blue-collar workers. Whereas the company provided villas and rented shared apartments offer a higher renting option.
  2. of Employees: The number of the workforce determines the type of staff accommodation. Looking at the size of the workforce, companies decide which type of accommodation will suit them. Whether it should be a labour camp for rent, a shared apartment or a company-provided accopmmodation.
  3. Employees Preferences: Understanding the preferences of your workers is essential to find a most suitable staff accommodation. As an employer, you must be fully aware of the needs of your workers regarding the shared living space, privacy concerns and facilities.
  4. Location: Closeness of the labour camp from the work-site plays a key role. The easy access to the public transportation and the availability of nearby stores for groceries and restaurants are one of the key considerations while choosing a staff accommodation.

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Key Features to Consider While Selection a Staff Accommodation in Dubai

  • Furnished Accommodations: Fully furnished staff accommodation minimizes the hassle of incurring additional costs to purchase furniture for workers accommodation. Always look for well-furnished accommodation units.
  • Well-Maintained Units: Consider those options which include regular maintenance and repair services to ensure a clean and comfortable living environment.
  • Secure Environment: The security is one of the top concerns for anyone. Consider a secure accommodation. This will include a well-protected fencing, functional CCTV cameras, well-lit accommodation with controlled exit points. The labor camp in UAE must have functional security measures within the camp offering workers peace of mind.
  • Transportation Services: The availability of public transportation hub or company provided shuttles can ensure easy commutes for your staff living in any type of company accommodation.
  • Recreational Spaces: Basic facilities like common spaces, sports court and gyms can elevate your workers living conditions, contribute greatly towards fostering a sense of community and workers’ overall well-being.

Tested Resources to Find Staff Accommodation in UAE

Finding the best suitable staff accommodation requires some serious market research and utilization of some valuable resources:

  • Business Directories: You can grab local directories which offer listings of companies that offer staff accommodation solutions for your teams.
  • Real Estate Agencies: Well-reputed agencies specialize in offering staff accommodation services and can provide you tailored accommodation as per your requirements.
  • Online Platforms: There are multiple online platforms which offer a comprehensive range of staff accommodation listings with a filter of budget, location and features.


In the vibrant business landscape of UAE, obtaining the most suitable staff accommodation is an important step towards building a satisfied workforce. By understanding different types of available accommodations from cost-effective labor camp for rent to shared apartments, hotel apartments, premium serviced residences and villas, you can meet diverse needs and specific preferences of your workforce.  Remember to focus on factors like location, budget, amenities, transportation and security to ensure a convenient and comfortable living experience for your team. Additional features you must consider in a potential staff accommodation are, choosing well-furnished and fully maintained units. Look for their security features, transportation and recreational facilities.

You must take a leverage of utilizing the treasure of online resources available for staff accommodation Dubai. There are hundreds of real estate agencies, property portals and business directories which can be invaluable tools, guiding you in your journey of searching a perfect labour accommodation in Dubai. When you invest in a well-furnished and secure accommodation, you are not just providing a space to live but you are creating a strong foundation for your employees to work, retain and feel more satisfied. This happy workforce is your biggest treasure towards your business success. So, embark on this journey with full confidence, while knowing that a perfect-fit awaits to elevate your Dubai-based team.

Come on!  Don’t delay to unleash the real potential of your workforce. Secure an ideal staff accommodation in Dubai today and witness your business soar! Remember, a happy employee is a productive and passionate employee in a competitive business market like Dubai. A happy team is your golden ticket to your business success.

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