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UAE’s Labor Accommodation Rules 2024

Posted by Ruman on June 3, 2024
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Any company which have 50 or plus workers is legally bound to provide accommodation to its workers if their monthly take home salary is less than AED 1,500. These accommodations must be well-ventilated, well-lit and air-conditioned with proper space. The Ministry of Human Resource and Emiritisation, MOHRE has specified certain rules and regulations related to bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms. These regulations also cover wide-ranging facilities like medical and healthcare services, laundry room and prayer room.

This solid framework of comprehensive rules and regulations ensures the health, safety and well-being of workers living in various types of labour accommodation. This log post will unlock the key aspects of these set regulations while providing a quick guideline for UAE employers and investors.

Who Will Provide Labor Accommodation?

  • Those companies which have 50 or plus workers earning less than AED 1,500 per month must provide accommodation for their worker employees.
  • Such companies are further required to MOHRE registration and Labor Accommodation System and it is essential to provide accurate information about your company to these forums.

Labour Accommodation Rules in UAE

The government regulations offers comprehensive standards related to labor accommodation which covers a wide range of key aspects which includes:

Site and Construction Regulations

  • The site must be licensed by government authorities
  • It must be located close to industrial zones or near to job opportunities
  • It should be accessible by roads and functional transportation networks
  • It must comply with all safety, sanitary and environmental standards set by government
  • Must be well-equipped with essential life facilities like clean drinking water, proper sewage system, emergency exits, air-conditioning facility, common rooms and fire extinguishing systems.

Ventilation & Air-conditioning Requirements

  • All rooms, dining areas, offices, kitchens, lounges and corridors must be well-ventilated and centrally air-conditioned.
  • Temperature, air space and humidity control option must be functional in all air-conditioned spaces.
  • Bathroom, kitchens and other areas which are prone to any type of contamination, must comply with specific ventilation requirements set by the government of UAE.

Lighting Requirements

  • Sufficient lighting must be provided in all occupied areas.
  • Energy-saving lighting fixture must be used.
  • External lighting must be provided for visibility and safety of the residents.

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Accommodation-Units Design Requirements


  • 3 square metres minimum area must be allocated per person.
  • 8-10 occupants per bed room is allowed while maintaining the minimum space requirement per person.
  • The ceiling height must be at least 7 feet.
  • Bed space must be available even during the working times.
  • Specific requirements related to bunk beds placement must be followed as outlined by the government.
  • There must be designated shoe rack at the entrance area of each room.
  • Every worker must be provided with a bed, lockable cupboard and side table.
  • No washing machines and kitchen stoves are allowed in bedrooms.


  • There must be one toilet for every eight persons in shared bathrooms, with a minimum of two toilets per bathroom.
  • All bathrooms must have hot and cold water facility.
  • There must be one wash bowl and one bath area for every 8 persons.
  • There must be one urinal for every 25 persons with sufficient water supply for cleaning and flushing.
  • There must be an easy access to bathrooms without the need to move between the bathrooms.
  • Bathrooms must be sterilized and kept clean with the help of sterilizers.
  • There must be sufficient supply of tissue in each toilet.


  • Every accommodation must have a functional kitchen complying well with sanitary standards and must follow required technical specifications.
  • Kitchens must have washable tables, functional ventilation and proper drainage system.
  • Kitchens must have a chimney.
  • Gas cylinders must be stocked outside the kitchen and well-protected from the sunlight.
  • All kitchens must be well-equipped with pest control tools.
  • Every kitchen must maintain a hygienic and clean condition.
  • Every kitchen must be managed by a licensed company or by a trained food staff.

Dining Rooms:

  • Dining rooms must be located near the kitchen. It must have tables, chairs, and a washbowl with hot / cold water, liquid soap and tissue roll.
  • It must offer 1.4 square metre per person for accommodating 1/3 of the total staff.
  • Dining room must maintain a clean and hygienic condition.
  • Meal time notices must be displayed at the entrance of dining rooms.

Rest Rooms

  • Restrooms must be available for workers with comfortable seating and TV facility.

Medical and Healthcare Facility

  • Each accommodation unit must have a first aid room with a trained nurse. It must have sufficient furniture, medical box and required medical tools.

Laundry Area

  • There must be a common laundry facility with a designated in-charge responsible to manage.
  • It must be available at the ground floor.
  • It must be designed as per local authority specifications.
  • It must be well-equipped with cold/hot water, proper ventilation and water drainage system, air conditioning and sufficient lighting.
  • Laundry service can be provided by labor accommodation management.

Added Services

  • Every labor accommodation must have a prayer room.
  • Babar shops and grocery stores with limitations on selling perishable food and preparing or packaging food within the premises.

Public Health Requirements

Waste Disposal System:

Waste management system must be comply with health and environmental regulations of UAE.

  • It must offer sufficient number of sealed waste containers.
  • It must clean housing units daily.
  • It must clean and empty waste containers regularly.

Pest Control System

  • Licensed pest control company must be responsible to implement approved plans for pest control within the housing units.
  • There must be effective measures to control the presence and reproduction of pests, rodents and insects.
  • Pest control company must maintain a detailed report related to pest control measures.

Rest at Work Site

  • Companies must provide canopies for their workers for having meals and rest during the mid-day break at the worksite.
  • Drinking water and hygienic food storage must be provide at worksite.
  • Bathrooms must be accessible near the worksite.
  • There must be sustained sanitary facilities within the resting space at worksite.


UAE’s comprehensive regulations for labour accommodation in UAE reflects a strong commitment to workers well-being. By following these detailed standards of labor accommodation, employers can develop a safe, healthy and comfortable living environment for their workforce. These regulations no only providing benefits to workers but also contribute towards a more productive and positive working environment, ultimately fostering a responsible and sustainable business landscape in UAE.

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