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Unlock Happy Workforce through MOHRE Registered Labor Camp!

Posted by Ruman on May 22, 2024
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Providing a calm, comfortable and safe company accommodation to your workforce is not just your employee’s basic right but as an employer you are bound to do it legally. Thankfully, the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiritisation, MOHRE, has established a set of guiding rules that govern the practices and living conditions of labor camps in Dubai and all across UAE. Therefore, being MOHRE sign up is crucial for any labor camp operating in UAE. Any company which as 50 or more workers who are earning less than AED 1,500 on a monthly basis, company is bound to have a MOHRE registered labor camp to provide them staff accommodation.

How MOHRE registration is acquired, interested to know? This blog post will act as a simple guide helping you equip with knowledge required to explore MOHRE sign up process for your labor camp in Dubai.

Knowing the Rules: MOHRE Sets Rules & Regulations

Before you head towards your trip for MOHRE registration, build a strong foundation by gaining the basic knowledge of rules specified by the government of Dubai with respect to laborers working conditions and staff accommodation in UAE.

  • Accommodation Parameters: Cabinet Resolution No. 13 of 2009 and The Ministerial Decree No. 212 of 2014 outlines the detailed specifications for the minimum living standards for the workers regarding staff accommodation UAE. The labor camp must meet few specifications for the size of living space. Allocated living space has to be minimum 30 square meter per worker. There should be proper lighting, ventilation, fire safety measures, proper sanitation and additional facilities of medical facility, laundry room and a prayer room.
  • Location’s Factor: Choosing the labor camp location is one of the important factor which must be considered very carefully. As an employer you must select a location for staff accommodation that complies well with the guidelines set by MOHRE UAE. The labor camp location should be easily accessible to life basic life facilities and must be located away from any dangerous area.
  • Health and Safety Measures: The labor accommodation must meet all the necessary safety measures to ensure your workers’ safety and protection. The labor camp you are providing to your workers must include fire alarms and fire extinguishers, first aid kits, and proper maintenance of safety equipment. You must offer regular safety training for your staff to ensure their overall safety.

Learning the ABC of Getting MOHRE Registration

By now you must have grabbed the basic knowledge of Dubai’s laws that govern the basic living standards related to staff accommodation Dubai. Now, here are the simple steps you have to follow to get MOHRE sign up for your labor camp:

  • Collect Required Documents: Make sure you collect the required documents. These documents may typically include:
  • Filled Application Form
  • Company Trade License
  • Lease Agreement for the camp’s location
  • Health and safety certificates
  • Floor layout plans of the labor camp

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  • Develop MOHRE eServices Account: Straight hit MOHRE website: and explore the eServices portal of the website. Now register for a new account by using your company information.
  • Online Application & its Submission: After registering for a new account, you need to locate your labor accommodation system section to start your application process. Now fill up the application in an accurate and comprehensive way. Upload all the required documents electronically.
  • Be Prepared for Site Inspections: Once you submit your application, be ready for an inspection visit from MOHRE officials at your labor camp location. They will visit to inspect your labor camp to ensure the compliance with local rules and regulations. Ensure you address all concerns beforehand to avoid any inconvenience.
  • Approvals and Registration: By following the successful labor camp site inspection and meeting all necessary requirements, MOHRE will grant you the registration of your labour camp. You will receive a certificate which is an important document to operate in Dubai’s market legally.

Add-ons for a Stress-Free Process

  • Be Proactive: Never wait to get MOHRE sign up at the eleventh hour. Always plan ahead and start your registration procedure well in advance to tackle potential delays and to make adjustments accordingly.
  • Seek Professional Help: Think about seeking a professional help from a labour consultancy firm having a good experience in MOHRE regulations. They can provide you required valuable assistance helping you meet all required parameters related to labor accommodation in UAE. First Step Properties is a trusted name in Dubai which offers comprehensive services in labor camp management, maintenance, rentals and MOHRE registrations for their valuable clientele whether it is a small or large business entity. To get detailed information about their complete services, visit their website:
  • Keep Your Documented Records Updated: Keeping the required documents updated is a proactive approach. Keep you MOHRE registration certificate and other important documents readily available at all times for any future site inspections or for references. Never forget, MOHRE conducts regular inspection to the labor camp for ensuring a continued compliance of rules and regulations.

Exciting Perks of Getting MOHRE Registration

While going beyond compliance, MOHRE registration provides multiple advantages for companies:

  • Minimized Risk of Legal Penalties: While operating in challenging business atmosphere, a well-managed and a compliant labor camp can result in reduced penalties from the local government. Remember, no compliance can lead to hefty fines. MOHRE registration helps you avoid legal penalties and future complications.
  • Improved Business Reputation: A well-operated and compliant labor camp reflects your company’s commitment to ensure your workers’ wellbeing as your top concern. This vision strengthens your company’s market reputation as a responsible employer in UAE.
  • Improved Workers’ Motivation: A well-managed labor camp Dubai fosters a positive, comfortable and a safe environment that leads to enhanced employees’ satisfaction and motivation at work. This enhanced motivation is perfectly aligned with your organizational goals.


MOHRE registration is a crucial step required for organizations with labor camps in Abu Dhabi. By utilizing these guidelines, organizations can prioritize the workers’ wellbeing. As a responsible employer, you can initiate a smooth MOHRE sign up process by following easy steps required to get certified. Seeking professional guidance from a trusted and expert labor accommodation service providing agency can make MOHRE sign up process a stress-free task. MOHRE certification will ensure you are providing a safe, secure, comfortable and a productive living environment for your workforce.

Think seriously to prioritize securing a MOHRE registered labor camp in UAE for your workers in Dubai. This will reflect your commitment to ensure complete adherence to UAE rules and regulations for a guaranteed safe, hygienic and comfortable company accommodation.

It is an undeniable fact that a happy and healthy workforce leads to reduced turn-over rates and increased productivity that forms the very foundation of your business success and its viability.

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